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March 04 2015

I love crows and ravens. I also love dead things …

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I’m so fucking nosy. Idk why. But I have such a desire to know everything and figure out every puzzle.

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blue: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6


Promo me, a small pink bunny

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Nikolaus Gruenwald
Sleeper in Metropolis, 2011

Esther is the daughter of mordecai’s uncle. And Mordecai adopted her

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♡ Dollhouse ♡

I have a drawn version of the Megillah and I can’t remember but I think it mentions that mordecai adopted Esther bcus she was like his sister’s daughter or something. I’ll have to go back and look at it.

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winter looks: wearing a blanket over your shoulders like an aging king and looking over your kingdom with weary malaise

When you thin you’re following some one but u ain’t :///

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cute frog

March 03 2015

My dad’s like “cheer up” bcus that’s gonna fucking help

Does anyone have like autism DSM posts or anything

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This is Kane and their daughter Mackenzie. Mac is 13 years old and awesome. Kane is a graduate student, genderqueer, and a devoted parent.

But In 2006, a Midwest probate court decided someone who “doesn’t even know what gender they are” wasn’t fit to parent a child. Mackenzie was removed from the only parent she’d ever known, and sent to live with some disapproving elderly conservative Christian relatives. Kane’s struggle to regain custody has been ongoing for nearly 8 years now, with many twists and turns and hopes and disappointments along the way.

You can read more about Kane and Mackenzie’s struggle to bring their family back together here.

Because of developments in the case and changing attitudes in the state, there is new hope that Mackenzie and Kane will be reunited soon. However, they need to raise at least $5000 for legal and relocation costs to get Mackenzie home. No donation is too small to make a difference.

You can send donations to Kane directly via Paypal at atransdad@gmail.com or contact this blog privately for the link to the family’s GoFundMe page. (For the sake of Mackenzie’s privacy, we decided not to share that link on Tumblr, since it uses her legal name.) If you can signalboost this post to your friends, that’s a great help, too. Thank you!

as a transgender parent this is my biggest fear come true. my heart is in my throat and i can barely breathe. please donate, and if you can’t then please signal boost

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Yay depressive cycle

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